Hi, I am Erica. 

My work as a career coach is not finished till you find your happy place at work. 

Basically, I am a career coach dedicated to helping creative and talented professional people overcome their fear of change and find ‘the hero in them’. 

What does that mean?

Simples – it is you being all you can be, without that fear holding you back, it is you striving to create a career that you love, it is you being the hero of your own life.

Over the years I have discovered that your definition of ‘success’ in your career, is as unique as you are.

Some clients want to take the next step into strategic leadership.

Others want to change their working pattern and hours to be more flexible

And others want a complete life change – so they can travel the world, or work remotely, or learn something totally new. 

Whatever your career goals are, my main focus is how to change careers and still make money. I understand that this is crucial for most of my clients, that usually have a family to support or a life style they don’t want to let go. 

Career coaching is really like any other coaching. In sport, music or mastering a new skill, your coaches job is to provide you with a structure. Of course, there is so much more. Your coach helps you stretch, test and grow till you have achieved your goals.

Coaching should be empowering, thought-provoking and effective. And especially when talking careers, you should have a good coach on your side…

My goal in my coaching is always to make myself redundant as soon as possible!

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