My goal as a career coach? To make myself redundant as soon as possible. 

Thinking of changing careers or need sensible careers advice, draw up a chair! I believe in you.

This career coach helps creative and talented professional people like you overcome their fear of change and find ‘the hero inside’. 

‘Hero’? What does that mean?

Simples – right now you feel frustrated. You know you want more from your career. You live for the moments when you truly come alive, when your work makes you feel valued, recognised, free and on top of the world. But these moments seem few and far between in your current role.

Imagine if you felt like that every working day. You can have a career that makes you feel like a superhero, complete with spandex and cape. And if that’s what you dream of, I can help. I promise. 

If you’re mid-career and feel it’s time to review your career goals, you need to know how to change careers and still make money. You might have a family to support or a lifestyle to maintain. This why I’ve created Your Breakthrough. 

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