Meet Gemma, the mumpreneur, who made a successful career change through Your Breakthrough.

This is my series of short documentaries that follow the life of my clients who are in the process of a career change.

Change isn’t easy. We dig our heels in, stick our fingers in our ears and try to duck out of it! Even if you want to make a change, accountability and support are crucial. A career coach can offer structure and encouragement to help you make a successful career change. 

In this first episode, Gemma, our mumpreneur, talks about how she made a successful career change through Your Breakthrough.

Your Breakthrough is a 4-part, interactive, video-based programme that enables mid-career professionals to overcome their fear of change, discover their ideal career and make a great living from doing what they love.

Learn more about Your Breakthrough. My online programme for a successful career change. 

Watch Gemma’s story here and tell me what you think. 


These are some behind the scenes photos! It was a long journey but a very warm welcome 🙂



This is how it all started. We looked back at Gemma’s breakthrough notebook, with all her big plans in…



Never meet my clients without a little career coaching…



Working with Gemma is always rewarding…



and fun. 


Stay tuned! More stories about successful career change to follow very soon 🙂