Meet Rob, the creative tech guy, who made a meteoric career change through Your Breakthrough.

This is my series of short documentaries that follow the life of my clients who made a successful career change. 

Career change can be scary. You get to the point that you lose your confidence without even realising. You just need someone to open your mind. Someone who can give you #ideas, #inspiration and #hope. 

In this second episode, Rob talks about how he was ‘dying a slow death’ in his library job before joining Your Breakthrough.

The rest is history – he succeeded in changing careers and doubled his salary, without retraining. 

Your Breakthrough is a 4-part, interactive, video-based programme that enables mid-career professionals to overcome their fear of change, discover their ideal career and make a great living from doing what they love.

Learn more about Your Breakthrough. My online programme for a successful career change. 

Watch Rob’s story here and drop me a line if you feel inspired!


These are some behind the scenes photos! It was such a fun afternoon…


The Diploma for a successful career change

Successful Career Change Diploma


First stop – the magic bakery in Forest Row. Bought some sourdough bread. Team needs energy 🙂



Snuggle a gorgeous cat…Please, Fat Brian, don’t be mad 🙂 It was just a fling



The beautiful town Lewes…And the end of another perfect day. This the life of a very happy career coach 🙂


Keep close! Next time we have some golf to play:)