Top 8 Career Ideas for Mums (from a career coach perspective)

Top 8 Career Ideas for Mums (from a career coach perspective)

Let’s face it. Being a mum is already more than a full-time job.

Yet many of us want to return to work after maternity. You might be the main breadwinner, you might want to keep your career goals alive and well or you might want to take the opportunity to try something new. Whatever your reason, the whole ‘jobs for mums’ agenda has grown and grown. With new technology and new roles making it easier than ever before to do interesting work that fits around your family commitments.

The choices are tough, though…

Top 8 Career Ideas for Mums (from a career coach perspective)

My mum clients tell me that if they are going to leave their children in childcare, it has to be to go and do something really worth doing!

As our ideal lifestyle aspirations change, toward a better quality of life and a more flexible way of working, parents also want the chance to do great work, using their skills and experience, in ways that flex around their family commitments.

If you are thinking about a switch or about returning to the workplace after your maternity or adoption leave, it can feel daunting and complex. Your life has changed, so your set of priorities and criteria has altered too. And once you have made the decision to return, the next thing on the list is how to find the kind of roles that will help you make a happy transition back into work and find the right personal balance, with your family life.

So here at ESHQ, we have done some research for you, to find 8 best jobs for mums, and dads that want work that works for a quality family life.

Hold on to your hats and let’s explore some jobs for mums and…dads (why not? we all love the few brave stay-at-home dads)

Top 8 Career Ideas for Mums (from a career coach perspective)

1. Interior Design

Everyone, everywhere, needs code and websites. This work has a lot of flexibility built in because you can take your office with you wherever you go and the work doesn’t have to be completed in a 9-5 routine.

2. Web Design and Coding

Everyone, everywhere, needs code and websites. This work has a lot of flexibility built in because you can take your office with you wherever you go and the work doesn’t have to be completed in a 9-5 routine.

Jobs for Mums

3. Nutrition and Wellbeing/ Alternative Practitioners

Retraining in a wellness field such as massage, homoeopathy, reflexology or beauty can offer a good deal of flexibility. You can choose your hours and your location – work from home or visit your clients or even hire a space on an ‘as needed’ basis. The same rules apply to coaching, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy or counselling.

Teaching classes in yoga, pilates, aerobics, mindfulness or offering nutritional advice can extend to bespoke 121 classes or being part of a team at a spa or leisure centre.

Jobs for Mums

4. Blogging, Marketing and Social Media

If you’re a natural connector and love to share ideas and meet others, marketing and social media skills can offer a great way to work from home or in hours that suit you. Short courses such as that offered by the Digital Marketing Institute build on a natural skill for written communication and idea generation. Roles are available both in-house and freelance.

If you are ingenious enough you can start your own blog and follow the steps of these amazing ladies, most of whom have also some great career change stories to share…

Rainy Day Mum: Cerys had already one major change of career from a marine biologist to a teacher, 3 miscarriages and one hard pregnancy before starting her fun, useful blog.

Mother Pukka: Anna created a great portal for news, events, reviews and honest comments for people who happen to be parents.

Not ANOTHER Mummy: Alison is a freelance magazine and online editor that started her blog in 2011, while on maternity leave.

Slummy Single Mummy: Jo Middleton created her blog in 2009 to promote her freelance copy-writing service…

Honest Mum: Vicki is a multi-award winning blogger, vlogger, filmmaker, and author.

Beautiful Tribe: Adele writes about family life, home educating, creative living and anything else that feels like it fits.

You Baby Me Mummy: After falling unexpectedly pregnant a month before her first IVF appointment, Aby Moore started You Baby Me Mummy to document her daughters’ childhood and to share with her when she is older.

Jobs for Mums
Check more of these here: http://wengenninwonderland.com/

5. Freelance Designer or Copywriter

Website such as write.com and guru.com allow experts to pitch their work to those in need of a good quality copy, editing or design work. These projects can be done after the peeps are in bed or before they wake up…if they ever fall asleep!

Jobs for Mums

6. Accountancy and Bookkeeping

If you have a head for figures, offering your expertise as a bookkeeper or accountant can be a great way to add value and bring home the bacon. Accounting software means you can keep on top of the latest moves in your client business without leaving your house.


Jobs for Mums

7. Customer Service

Given that many of us love a good natter and that mums are natural problem solvers, flexible homeworking in the field of customer service could be right up your street!

Jobs for Mums

8. Business Development

If you love to win, to build relationships and to be out and about, business development roles give you the opportunity to escape the cubicle and respond to your clients wherever you find yourself.

Talk your career choices with a career coach!

There are a lot of possibilities and every one of them depends on your unique set of skills.

You can retrain, you can start your own little business, you can find flexible jobs or negotiate better hours at your actual one, or you can just take a break and focus on your little one. But above all, you need a plan!

So, before you jump to anything and commit the family money into it, it is a good idea to talk to a career coach.

Here you can find all the good coaches, including myself. Any respectable coach will want to get to know you and explore the match before coaching begins; so basically, it will not cost you a dime to give it a try and see how it works. Also, please be aware! There are many tricky online programmes out there that are promising the moon and the stars and that are not delivering. Read here how to spot one.

Some sites you might find useful…

Guru Enterprise: Find & Hire Talented Freelancers

Capability Jane Recruitment: The specialist recruitment business that focuses on sourcing talented executives on a part-time or flexible basis.

Catalyst: Global nonprofit working with some of the world’s most powerful CEOs and leading companies to build workplaces that work for women.

And the 6 best websites for mums

Netmums: UK’s biggest and best parenting network…

Mumsnet: The website where parents could swap advice about not just holidays but all the other stuff parents talk about.

Mumsclub: UK’s original and No.1 site for entrepreneurial mums.

Work for Mums: Recruitment website to help mums and dads find flexible work options.

Workingmums: The number one job and community site for professional working mothers.

MumsWork: A new site offering business advice, resources, case studies and inspiration for Mums managing their work-life balance

Or if you are an employer, be the company offering flexible working projects…

The Mom Project: ‘The Mom Project is the career destination for moms. Through our digital marketplace and community, we connect professionally accomplished women with world-class companies for rewarding employment opportunities.

Are you interested in expanding your existing coaching credentials and become a recognised expert in career coaching? Learn more about our Your Career Plan Coaching Accreditation!

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